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 A gift, greeting and shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. (including worldwide military) -
All for $9.99!*
Here's how it works:
  1. We all love the anticipation of reading a fortune cookie even though we know it's a generic message. Now you can write your own messages.
  2. Picture your gift recipient breaking each solid chocolate "cookie" apart and reading a personalized message from you! Either choose to type one running message from "cookie" to "cookie. (Your "cookie" messages are numbered 1through 5 so your recipient will know to open them in order)
  3. OR if you don't feel too creative but still want to customize your gift, you can choose from a drop down list of thoughts, wishes, and inspirational quotes.
  4. Provide the contact information for you and your recipient.
  5. Pay $9.99 for the gift, greeting and shipping.
  6. Now, just sit back. 
  7. We'll do all the work - You'll get all the credit!

Note: if you are local to our Goodies shop, you may place your order on-line and pick it up in the store. We will refund your shipping charge.

Delicious Chocolate Wishes are available in Milk, White or Dark Chocolate.

  • fill out the appropriate message form below. We will then embed your own thoughts or ones you have chosen, into each of the five "cookies"

Fill this form out if you choose to write your own thoughts:

Type YOUR Name, Address and Phone Number below
Type the RECIPIENTS Name, Address, Zip Code below
Write your own 5 messages below:
#1 "Cookie" Message
#2 "Cookie" Message
#3 "Cookie" Message
#4 "Cookie" Message
#5 "Cookie" Message

Fill this form out if you would like to choose thoughts from the list below:
Type YOUR name, address and phone number below:
Type the RECIPIENTS name, address and Zip Code below
#1 "Cookie" Choose one thought, wish or quote from the list below then go to "cookie" #2 and so on
#2 "Cookie" Choose one thought, wish, or quote from the list below, then go to "cookie" #3
#3 "Cookie" Choose one thought, wish, or quote from the list below, then go to "cookie" #4
#4 "Cookie" Choose one thought, wish or quote from the list below then go to "cookie" #5
#5 "Cookie" Choose one thought, wish or quote from the list below.

The messages above will be sent to our e-mail. 
Now, just choose your chocolate flavor and add it to your cart, check out and then sit back and relax. Your part is finished. We will embed your messages in the "cookies" and send them promptly off to your recipient!
Delicious Chocolate Wishes Fortune "Cookie" Chocolates
Five solid Guittard chocolate "Fortune cookie" shaped chocolates, each embedded with your own personal message, thought, or what ever you come up with. All are wrapped in food grade silver foil and tucked inside a Chinese take-out box. ($2.50 shipping added at checkout for total gift price of $9.99!)
Price: $7.49
Choose chocolate type below:
(If you would like to send any additional Delicious Chocolate Wishes, please place a separate order.)

*(shipping is USPS first class. Additional charges will apply for expedited shipping)

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